Curating information to support student learning

NB: In past years, this course was entitled: Curating content for digital learners: helping students manage information overload.  Although the title is new, the content has not changed (apart from some updating).

Target audience

  • Subject teachers
  • Syndicate leaders
  • Class teachers
  • Library staff

School level:

  • Upper primary / intermediate
  • Secondary / composite

Learning objectives

This course will enable you to:

  1. gain a deeper understanding of the concept of content curation, within the broader context of digital fluency
  2. build an understanding of how content curation can make the best information available to your students
  3. become familiar with a range of content curation tools, and with the Moodle platform
  4. create your own content curation project, in a supportive, facilitated online environment
  5. plan, create and evaluate the impact and effectiveness of your content curation project

Course content includes:

  1. defining the term 'content curation' within the wider context of digital fluency
  2. a range of content curation tools and examples for your to explore, enabling you to choose a tool for your own content curation.
  3. a mix of group and individual online course tasks
  4. selecting, in consultation with teachers in your school, a relevant topic to use for our content curation
  5. planning your content curation and beginning to populate it with online content.