Building a responsive collection through collaboration: school libraries supporting learning — secondary

Online course: 8am Monday 31 July to 5pm Friday 1 September, 2017 - 5 Weeks

Fee: $100
Early bird fee: $80
Early bird closes: 3 July 2017
Registrations close:  24 July 2017
Course contact: Maxine Ramsay, email:

Register by sending an email to with your name and registration information.


This is an online course for:  

  • all secondary school library staff, both new and experienced
  • all members of the library management team, both new and experienced

School level: secondary

Learning objectives

This course will enable you to:

  • work collaboratively with the school community to develop a responsive collection
  • identify, select and manage resources that support the learners in your school
  • provide access to a diverse range of print and digital resources for your learners.

Course activities include:

  • practical activities and tasks, and online workspace discussions
  • exploring tips and strategies to match library resourcing with your learners' needs
  • participating in a collaborative, problem-solving e-workshop related to the role of the library supporting a topic-focused inquiry in your secondary school
  • personal reflection on your learning
  • opportunities to share and contribute, working in a Moodle environment, supported throughout by an e-facilitator.