Professional development

 e-Learning with the National Library: your time, your place

For those of us who struggle to get away from our jobs in order to train, an online option is fantastic and opens up new skills to a much wider audience.  - Library manager, urban secondary

Whether you’re in the Far North or the Deep South or a point in between, we have provided online learning opportunities this year, enabling you to join with other teachers and school librarians over a period of five or six weeks. Our 2014 online course programme is nearing completion, with Connecting readers being fully subscribed. Once our 2014 Professional Learning and Development programme has ended, we will finalise our 2015 offer, and post up the 2015 programme before the end of the year.

Connecting readers: creating a reading social network (six weeks)

Thanks for giving me six weeks of some serious thinking! I enjoyed it! Now to do it all! I loved the readings too - and I think this course has made me reflect more than I have done before on not just the what I do – but on what benefits we [and our students] get from what we do! - Library manager, high decile urban secondary school

You’ll build a deeper knowledge and understanding of how various social media can be used to develop, support and promote reading and reading communities.You’ll investigate and experiment with different social media in a supportive and constructive online environment.

 Both intakes are now FULL: 28 July – 5 September, and 11 August - 19 September.

Face-to-face courses

Commemorating the First World War: supporting your students' research

New in 2014: Commemorating the First World War: supporting your students’ research, a one-day largely hands-on course.

The National Library is uniquely positioned to provide schools with access to a huge range of online First World War resources. Whether you're a secondary school History, Social Studies, or English teacher, a primary school teacher or a school librarian, this course will enable you to have hands-on access to a selection of resources that illustrate a variety of First World War perspectives and impacts, including:

  • conflict
  • citizenship, identity and culture
  • rights and responsibilities
  • peace and reconcilitation
  • place and environment

You'll be able to explore a range of First World War Centernary curriculum support project tools and resources to develop teaching and learning programmes, and select (or design your own) First World War commemorative activities and events in which to engage your school. You'll be able to take a selection of practical ideas and activities back to your school to use with your students.

We strongly recommend a team from your school come to this course, comprising a mix of library and teaching staff.

Introduction to digital citizenship

Also new from Term 2, 2014: Introduction to Digital Citizenship.  This one-day course is an introduction to selected aspects of the huge topic, Digital citizenship.  As the content applies right across the education sector, and to teaching at all school levels as much as to libraries, we recommend a team register from your school.  A school-wide approach to digital citizenship is essential, to enable a consistent approach to policy and practice across your school.

School libraries supporting learning (x 3 days)

For new school library staff, we offer a completely redesigned three-day School libraries supporting learning (SLSL) course. Over the three course days, most being a term apart, we've adopted an action learning approach. Using a mix of scenarios and activities, the course focuses on what a new member of the school library team needs to be able to do, rather than what they need to know.

We're offering the three-day package at a heavily discounted price this year. For new library staff appointed mid-year, you'll now be able to register for SLSL from Day 2 or Day 3, with the option of registering the following year for whichever day/s you have missed. These separate days are charged at the normal rate for a one-day course.

Other one-day courses in 2014:

  • Extending horizons: For more experienced library staff keen to have a refresher, Extending horizons is the new title for the course formerly entitled: Redefining the role of the school library. School libraries supporting learning: a refresher for school leaders & experienced library teams.
  • Enriching inquiry learning: effective library & classroom collaborations is being offered widely, in response to demand.
  • Free short workshop: E-books: issues and options (Auckland)

For further details and delivery locations for each course, see the 2014 Course catalogue.

Earlybird discount: 20 percent

The Earlybird discount applies to all registrations (including for online courses) received by the stated Earlybird close-off date, four weeks prior to course date, after which the full course fee applies.


Registrations close one week prior to each course, including online courses. Select your location on the right-hand sidebar, select your desired course, and you can then access the online registration form. 

Terms & conditions

The terms and conditions outline our policy on all aspects of course delivery, registration, course cancellation, Copyright and privacy.

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