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2015 Professional Learning and Development programme

Online learning with Services to Schools

Whether you're new to e-learning or not, we're continuing to develop our menu of online courses to enable you to take part no matter where you are in New Zealand.

Here are some key points about our online courses, especially if you're considering this for the first time:

  • Our Professional Development Programme is for New Zealand school library staff and teachers.
  • You'll need access to fast broadband and a computer
  • Each course requires a time commitment of around 5 hours a week, for 5 weeks. This weekly commitment will vary to some extent from week to week, and from person to person.
  • You can take the course from home or school, whichever is more convenient. It's a good idea not to try and do it while running your school library (if you're the school librarian) as you'll find yourself constantly interrupted. We suggest you discuss your access arrangements with your principal if you plan to do the course in work time.
  • Courses are a mix of synchronous (=at the same time) and asynchronous learning. You'll have activities to do each week, including readings or videos to read and view, and some practical tasks, which you can fit in with your other commitments each week. The main thing is to keep up with your course work.
  • At times there are some specific deadlines to meet, especially where there's an e-workshop in smaller groups. You'll find all deadline details clearly spelled out in the course.
  • An important element throughout all the School libraries supporting learning courses is the use of a reflective Learning Journal. We'll give you a range of choices to draw from, so that you can set up an online journal on a tool of your choice.
  • You'll be supported throughout the entire course by a skilled e-facilitator, who will be your go-to person if you're struggling.
  • Our courses are delivered on Moodle, hosted on the Virtual Learning Network (VLN) provided by the Ministry of Education .
  • We're providing technical support and Help documentation, especially if you need help getting started.
  • After completing the course, you'll receive a Course completion certificate.

NEW: School libraries supporting learning: primary and secondary online courses

Now available as a new online course. We've created separate primary and secondary versions, designed for new members of your school library team - including library staff and teachers with library responsibility. Each runs for 5 weeks, with Part 1 in Term 2, and Part 2 in Term 3. 

We've been aware that in some parts of the country new school library staff haven't had access in the past to the face-to-face course, with insufficient numbers for local delivery. Now you don't have to miss out on this valuable training. You can register for the online course and join with others from all over New Zealand, with support throughout from an e-facilitator.

  • School libraries supporting learning, primary and intermediate: part 1, 25 May-26 June 2015. Facilitator: Debbie Roxburgh. Course full. See course repeats below.
  • School libraries supporting learning, secondary: part 1, 2 June-3 July 2015. Facilitator: Janet McFadden. Course full. See Course repeats below.
  • School libraries supporting learning, primary and intermediate: part 2: 24 August-25 September 2015. Facilitator: Katrina Young-Drew. Spaces available. Further registrations welcome.
  • School libraries supporting learning, secondary: part 2: 24 August-25 September 2015. Facilitator: Vicki Stephens. Spaces available. Further registrations welcome.

Course repeats

The minimum number for any of our online courses to go ahead is 15, with a maximum class size of 25.

School libraries supporting learning, primary and intermediate, Part 1: 27 July-28 August 2015. Facilitator: Gail Cochrane. This is a repeat of the Term 2 course. Course now FULL.

We currently have 7 people on a waiting list for School libraries supporting learning, secondary: part 1, in case we are able to offer a repeat. Before scheduling a 2015 repeat, we'd need to be sure of sufficient demand (minimum of 15). I'd welcome anyone keen to do this course to email me as soon as possible:

Curating content for digital learners: helping students manage information overload

If you're focusing on improving the digital literacy of your students by improving the quality of the online resources they select for their research topics, your curated content will give them a reliable starting point. Updated for 2015, this 5-week online course is designed to support teachers and school librarians, with our target audience being intermediate and secondary schools. By the end of the course you'll have chosen an online curation tool and started to populate it with content.

The course and learning has really helped me learn a variety of skills for the successful curation of digital resources. It's more than just slapping a few websites together! It was a good balance of theory and practice. - 2014 secondary participant.


Curating content for digital learners: helping students manage information overload: 27 July-28 August 2015. Facilitator: Maxine Ramsay.

Earlybird discount: 20 percent

The Earlybird discount applies to all registrations received by the stated Earlybird close-off date, four weeks prior to course date, after which the full course fee applies.


Registrations close one week prior to each course. Select your location on the right-hand sidebar, select your desired course, and you can then access the online registration form.

Terms & conditions

The terms and conditions outline our policy on all aspects of course delivery, registration, course cancellation, Copyright and privacy.