The school library and learning in the information landscape

These guidelines developed by the National Library of New Zealand and the New Zealand Ministry of Education in 2002, have helped principals, teachers, boards of trustees, and library teams develop their school libraries to support student learning.

At the heart of these guidelines is a conceptual framework of six guiding principles for library development:

  • Information literacy
  • Service
  • Reading
  • Access
  • Information resources
  • Place

The flexibility of the guidelines framework allows for changing perspectives and options, enabling schools to explore and calibrate these to meet their individual circumstances. The principles are also broad enough to withstand and encompass the changes occurring over time in the information landscape.

Each guiding principle is described more fully in its own section, along with a short list of critical success factors related to each.

Illustrations of good practice appear in the "Voices" — real examples coming from a wide range of New Zealand schools.

Every New Zealand school received two copies of this publication.

Ministry of Education & National Library of New Zealand. (2002). The school library and learning in the information landscape: guidelines for New Zealand schools. Wellington: Learning Media.