Job descriptions for school library positions

There are many different formats for job descriptions, and so we suggest you align your school’s documentation for school library positions to whatever format your school uses.

To write a school library job description requires a solid understanding of the evidence of the impact of the school library on learning outcomes. Job descriptions will reflect the expectations for supporting learners and the attributes and dispositions required for collaborating with teachers and working with students.

The Performance Measures described in the following Job Descriptions provide a useful link to the objectives you set during the performance appraisal and development process.

Check how the various delegations are allocated in your school, so that the responsibilities outlined in the Job Descriptions for your school library positions are accurate.

For schools who elect not to have a Teacher with Library Responsibility (TLR), check the responsibilities in the TLR Job Description to ensure that key liaison and collaboration with teaching staff is included within the Library Manager’s role.

There are two models of Job Description offered for the Library Manager position, reflecting differences in approach to Job Description documentation used in schools. While the second model includes no performance measures, it does include a more comprehensive list of responsibilities.

We also include a blank template to enable you to develop your own document.

We invite you to use and adapt these Job Descriptions to meet the needs of your school. Of necessity they are generic, and you will need to ensure that the requirements of primary or secondary school library positions are accurately reflected in your school's documentation.