The pedagogy of the library

The school library is a place for teaching and learning. The pedagogy of the school library articulates how and why this is. It provides a definition of school library; informs and guides teaching and learning-related services; and informs the development of best practice.

Students are at the centre

Like the rest of the school, the library places the learner at the centre of its programmes and:

  • uses an evidence base to connect the library with student learning and achievement
  • helps learners absorb the literacy and language of libraries. This knowledge is valuable in, and transferable to, other education and life contexts
  • models and reflects in library spaces and services the principles, values, key competencies and learning areas of the New Zealand Curriculum.

The library is inclusive

The library is inclusive and welcomes everybody, as a place where:

  • diversity is modelled and celebrated through library spaces and services
  • equity of access to knowledge, services and resources is paramount
  • people can connect with ideas and each other
  • citizenship, in physical and digital contexts is developed and supported.

The library is for readers

The library plays a  pivotal role in developing a school wide reading culture by helping:

  • create, inspire and support readers
  • promote multiple languages, symbols, texts and literacies
  • teachers develop literacy programmes
  • students select appropriate reading material and connecting the library with reading success and pleasure
  • provide access to reading material with collections which inform, engage, extend, challenge and enrapture readers.

The library supports the construction of knowledge

The library provides:

  • support for the inquiry process though resources and experiences that scaffold and extend learning. This encourages students and teachers to ask great questions and seek satisfying answers
  • opportunities for learners to share their new knowledge
  • encouragement and opportunities to create original and robust content in a variety of media.

Library staff are educators and enablers

Library staff are educators and enablers who:

  • engage proactively with students and teachers
  • cultivate and participate in personal learning networks and communities, modelling learning and development to others in the school
  • use appropriate technologies to engage and facilitate continuous learning with students, teachers and the school community
  • are innovative and flexible, aware of educational trends and ideas, and work to include these in their own library spaces and services when appropriate.