Magazines for New Zealand school libraries

Magazines form a popular part of the collection in most school libraries. Here we’ve collated two lists of magazines suitable for inclusion in your library collection, one for primary and intermediate schools, and the other for secondary. They cover a mix of print and online versions, together with a list of suppliers.

Introduction to the Magazines list

There are numerous magazines especially in the lifestyle, leisure and sports areas, therefore we have omitted some well known titles such as Crème, Girlfriend, N.Z Woman’s Weekly, North and South, Pulp, Netball, Rugby, and Speed Sports. We have focused on titles that may not be as freely available or well-known.

As there are some magazines on the secondary list that are likely to also interest some upper primary or intermediate students, we've identified them with an asterisk *.

In most cases, subscriptions can be made via the link provided next to the magazine title. In most other cases we've provided alternative links to online suppliers. We've included cover prices for single issues, along with subscription prices, where they could be verified.

Remember that many magazines are available full text through EPIC, using your school log-in. EBSCO provides coverage lists for Australia/New Zealand Reference Centre, as an Excel spreadsheet. You can filter by subject / category / full text availability. The same list is available in PDF, Excel or HTML from this EBSCO page.

All EPIC database vendors provide similar lists, but ANZ Reference Centre is the one where you are most likely to find applicable magazine content.

Talk to your regular supplier, check out some online subscription services, or consult with your library colleagues on the Schoollib listserv to find out about new or popular titles. We always welcome recommendations for new titles that aren't yet on this list - just notify us via 0800 LIBLINE or by emailing

Titles listed are not recommendations but are given to indicate the range that is available. Be aware that changes can take place without notice, including price, content and availability. We suggest you check with publisher or supplier to ensure you obtain the latest information before taking out a subscription.