Inquiry Exemplars model the role of resources in inquiry learning

Image: Inquiry Grade 5 by Lindy Buckley on Flickr

Our Inquiry Exemplars model how to use resources in inquiry learning. Use them to help generate fertile questions and inspire inquiry behaviours and approaches in your classroom.

About the Inquiry Exemplars

Services to Schools’ Inquiry Exemplars are curated sets of quality resources designed to inspire and support approaches to teaching through inquiry.

The role of resources in inquiry

The term ‘inquiry’ is short for 'inquiry-based learning'. Inquiry-based learning is a pedagogical approach that places students’ questions, observations and actions at the centre of the learning experience. Within this scenario, educators are responsible for creating an environment that facilitates and supports the creating, researching, challenging, refining and justifying of student ideas. The aim is to move children from a position of wondering to that of deeper understanding.

Resources of all kinds play an important part in an inquiry-based classroom. They are important avenues for students seeking 'answers’ (resources as information) but are equally crucial as catalysts for questions (resources as inspiration).

Services to Schools' Inquiry Exemplars focus on this second aspect, exploring the role of resources as a means for generating fertile inquiry questions and activities, and enabling inquiry behaviours. The exemplars also link to the New Zealand Curriculum learning areas.

Using our Inquiry Exemplars

Each Inquiry Exemplar is made up of a range of elements:

  • Resources map (page 1) — this shows a range of quality complementary print, digital and professional resources associated with the given inquiry context (eg rocky shore).
  • Learning area (page 2) — the same resources organised by the New Zealand Curriculum learning areas.
  • Inquiry behaviours and approaches (page 3) — the same print and digital resources (in the same inquiry context) and examples of the inquiry behaviours and approaches they might inspire.
  • Inquiry behaviours and approaches: using print and digital resources (page 4) — the kinds of fertile questions these resources might inspire and the inquiry behaviours and approaches they might support.

Inquiry Exemplars — what they are, how they work (PDF 1.3MB)

Download our example Inquiry Exemplars for topics

Blank exemplars for you to use

Blank Inquiry Exemplar (PDF 739KB)

Blank resources map (PDF 157KB)  — first page of Inquiry Exemplar

Download our Inquiry Exemplars for topics