Sustainable farming

Image: Cows, by Sarah Macmillan on Flickr

We have selected the following online resources to support you with information relating to sustainable farming. These cover issues around protecting the environment while producing quality agricultural products, which provide economic benefits to farmers, communities, and New Zealand. SCIS 1698561

Ecologic Foundation- Sustainable land use

The Ecologic Foundation Pathways to Sustainability organisation looks at a variety of issues, including soil, water, and biodiversity loss, and discusses sustainable agriculture, and eco-restoration.

Suggested level: secondary

Greenpeace – Smart farming

Here Greenpeace raises concerns about New Zealanders’ pride in our farming sector being tainted by industrial agricultural practices that are damaging the land, waterways, and New Zealand’s international reputation as a clean, green producer.

Suggested level: secondary

Growing for good: Intensive farming, sustainability and New Zealand's environment

Growing for good is the report of a major investigation into the sustainability of intensive farming in New Zealand written for the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment.

Suggested level: secondary


To discover information on the home work site ManyAnswers use the search term ‘sustainable farming’

Suggested level: primary, intermediate, secondary

Ministry of Primary Industries

This site has three useful sections: Agriculture, The Environment and Natural Resources, and Animal Welfare that contain information on farming in New Zealand.

Suggested level: secondary


This site looks at some of the issues that impact on the environment as land use in New Zealand intensifies.

Suggested level: intermediate, secondary

New Zealand Landcare Trust

New Zealand Landcare Trust works with farmers, landowners and community groups to improve the sustainability of our landscapes and waterways.

Suggested level: secondary

Third World Farming

3rd World Farmer lets you experience farming in a poor country. It covers a range of topics faced by farmers in developing countries such as corruption, drought and lack of basic neccessities, with the aim of bringing attention to the issue of poverty.

Suggested level: Intermediate, secondary

GREENR – Global Reference on the Environment, Energy, and Natural Resources covers such issues as Industrial farming, and Sustainable farming under the topic banner The Agriculture and Food Systems.

Student Resources in Context offers a variety of information on sustainable agriculture. A school log on and password is required.

Suggested level: secondary


NZ approach sustainability. Part 1. Rebecca Brown YouTube. 7:58

NZ approach sustainability. Part 2. Rebecca Brown YouTube. 7:56

Industrial and sustainable farming YouTube. 3:24