Image: Math matters... by Simona on Flickr

We have selected these online resources to support you when you need information relating to maths. Includes games, problem solving activities, math concepts, and worksheets. SCIS 1674367

Cool math 4 kids

This site makes great use of colourful graphics to introduce a wide variety of math concepts through lesson plans and games.

Suggested level: primary, intermediate

Discover Primary Science and Maths

This online educational resource includes downloadable activities including how to make and launch different types of rockets (foam, paper, and balloon) and maths trails and links these activities to maths concepts.

Suggested level: primary, intermediate

Enchanted Learning - math

Math lessons and worksheets covering counting, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, decimals, measurement, rounding, and graphs.

Suggested level: primary

Kids’ math games

Here is a wide range of free math games, interactive learning activities, and fun educational resources including video clips.

Suggested level: primary, intermediate

Math is fun

Offers a variety of ways to make learning and practising maths concepts easy and fun.

Suggested level: primary, intermediate

Math exercises for kids

A variety of games and exercises each graded in math age from approximately New Zealand Y2-6 with degrees of easy or difficult.

Suggested level: primary  

Math games for children

Introduces math concepts of numbers, shapes, sizes, directions and positions, as well as practice of addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and much more.

Suggested level: primary.

Math playground

An expansive learning site filled with math games, logic puzzles, step-by-step instructional videos, math practice, and a variety of problem solving activities.

Suggested level: primary, intermediate

Statisitics New Zealand

A range of interactive games and activities helps students explore the concepts of statistical methods.

Suggested level: primary, intermediate, secondary

Study Jams

Study Jams is a Scholastic site providing videos and interactive activities on science and maths topics. Maths topics range from problem solving and fractions to algebra and probability.

Suggested level: primary, intermediate, secondary


Free educational maths (and reading and writing) games. Great variety, you can set classroom challenges or students can compete worldwide. You can set the level.

Suggested level: primary, intermediate


Have you thought about using fiction with your class to support your topic? The following are some suggestions for your students (and you!) to read and enjoy.

Nanny Mihi’s treasure hunt, by Melanie Drewery, 2004 (picture book)
The warlord’s kites, by Virginia Pilegard, 2004 (picture book)
An abundance of Katherines, by John Green, 2006 (YA fiction)


A series of 10 math tutoring videos, Maths the wacky way. YouTube 10.36.

Real life math, Mmgrillo7. YouTube. 5:01.