Healthy living and eating

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We have selected these online resources to support you when you need information relating to healthy eating, food, nutrition, food pyramid, fruit, vegetables, and recipes. SCIS 1525133

See also: Societal health

Adolescent diet

In this video clip on the Science Learning Hub site, Carolyn Cairncross, a nutritionist with the New Zealand Nutrition Foundation, provides advice on healthy eating practices for teenagers.

Suggested level: intermediate, secondary

Kids Health

Find out how to take care of your body, eat healthily, and stay fit!

Suggested level: primary, intermediate, secondary


To discover information on the school work site ManyAnswers use the search term healthy eating.

Suggested level: primary, intermediate, secondary

MyPyramid for Kids

This site is from the US Dept of Agriculture. It looks at healthy eating and provides worksheets and information for kids, parents and teachers.

Suggested level: primary

New Zealand Nutrition Foundation

Offers advice and guidelines on lifestyles and eating for children to ensure their healthy future.

Suggested level: primary, intermediate, secondary


Encyclopedia Britannica Online provides information and guidelines on food and nutrition.  School login (username and password) is required.

Suggested level: primary


Have you thought about using fiction with your class to support your topic? The following are some suggestions for your students (and you!) to read and enjoy.

I will not ever never eat a tomato: featuring Charlie and Lola, by Lauren Child, 2010 (picture book)
Brown bread and honey, by Pamela Allen, 2002 (picture book)
You are what you eat and other mealtime hazards, by Serge Bloch 2010 (picture book)


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Benefits of eating fruits and vegetables – for kids. I am Daniel. Youtube. 5.26.

What should we eat? HealthyActiveKids. Youtube. 2.33