Earth Science – Tsunami

Image: Tsunami hits Minamisoma by Warren Antiola on Flickr

Disturbances such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions or landslides under the sea may result in the formation of a tsunami. These online resources have been selected to support the popular earth science topic - tsunamis. SCIS 1702165

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Snapshot of the latest tsunami gauge recordings for instruments in the New Zealand region.

Suggested level: intermediate, secondary

These Te Ara Encyclopedia pages describe the causes and the history of tsunamis in New Zealand. Includes images and media.

Suggested level: primary, intermediate, secondary

Tsunami (GNS Science) 
A GNS Science webpage explores what a tsunami is, monitoring tsunamis, tsunamis in New Zealand, and has a section on the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami in the Indian Ocean.

Suggested: primary, intermediate

Tsunami (Geoscience Australia)
Information from Geoscience Australia about tsunami basics and how scientific analysis is used in preparedness planning for a tsunami event.

Suggested level: primary, intermediate, secondary 

NOAA Tsunami Website
General information on tsunamis, and events. Links to more tsunami information, videos and The Tsunami Story.

Suggested level: intermediate, secondary

The following EPIC databases in particular provide information and articles on tsunamis: Discovering Collection, Science in Context, Global Issues in Context, Student Resources in Context, and Encyclopaedia Britannica. A school log-on and password is required.

Suggested level: primary, intermediate, secondary

Have you thought about using books with your class to support your topic? The following are some suggestions for your students (and you!).

Escaping the giant wave, by Peg Kehret, 2003 (fiction)
The Japanese Tsunami, by Lauren Tarshis, 2013 (fiction)
The day of the elephant, by Barbara Ker Wilson, 2005 (picture book)

How tsunamis work. Alex Gendler, Ted Ed, YouTube. 3.36.

GNS Science Tsunamis. GNSscience. (4 video clips) YouTube. 18.00

Tsunami. INGV (National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology, Italy) YouTube 15.18