Image: Stop Bullying! by Nilufer Gadgieva on Flickr 

Children and teens are affected in different ways when they are bullied. Young people may also experience threats, violence or cyberbullying on social media sites. These online resources have been selected to support this topic – Bullying. SCIS 1698168

Comprehensive New Zealand website looking at issues around bullying particularly in schools. Includes factsheets, videos and prevention advice.

Suggested level: primary, intermediate, secondary

Cyber smart safety

Get the facts on becoming a cyber smart citizen. A range of ages are catered for with different levels of appeal from information and educational games to videos.

Suggested level: primary, intermediate, secondary


This Netsafe site includes information and advice on cyberbullying for young people, parents and teachers. It includes links to downloadable brochures with cyberbullying advice for teachers and principals.

Suggested level: primary, intermediate, secondary

Digital Citizenship toolkit

The NSW government provides an interactive Digital Citizenship toolkit for students at primary and secondary level (and teachers). It includes games and videos aimed at raising understanding around cyberbullying and safety online.

Suggested level: primary, intermediate, secondary

Digital NZ

Since 1885, physical bullying has been reported in newspapers. In the 21st century, overseas and within New Zealand, other forms of social bullying including cyber are explained in this selection of cartoons, audio, videos and an article.

Suggested level: intermediate, secondary

Kids’ Health – dealing with bullies

Trialled by Australian children for an audience of 6 -12 years old, this site gives practical ideas to help children effectively deal with bullies and not feel isolated.

Suggested level: primary, intermediate


Whether the bully or being bullied by others, this site is a great place to begin for students who need a confidential and trusted person to talk to.

Suggested level: primary, intermediate


To discover information on the school work site ManyAnswers use the search term cyber bullying.

Suggested level: intermediate, secondary

What’s Up

A free counselling service. Site also includes tips on what to expect when contacting a counsellor along with sensible strategies on what to do if being bullied or emotions are out of control. A separate page is available for teenagers.

Suggested level: primary, intermediate, secondary


Encyclopedia Britannica Online provides comprehensive information on bullying at junior and more advanced levels. School log-on and password required.

Suggested level: primary, intermediate, junior secondary


Have you thought about using fiction with your class to support your topic? The following are some suggestions for your students (and you!) to read and enjoy.

Who’s a big bully then?, by Michael Morpurgo, 2012 (junior fiction)
The second life of Abigail Walker, by Frances O’Roark Dowell, 2012 (Junior fiction)
Butter, by Erin Lange, 2013 (YA fiction)
Yaqui Delgado wants to kick your ass, by Meg Medina, 2013 (YA fiction)

Cyber Bullying PSA – a film of a 13 year old boy. TeamFallsAlot. Youtube.1:37