Image: Biotechnology program by Hagerstown Community College on Flickr

We have selected these online resources to support you when you need information relating to biotechnology and genetic engineering. SCIS 1698161

Annenberg Learner

Genetics, biotechnology and ethics textbook, video and interactives.

Suggested level: secondary

BBC GCSE Bitesize Science

BBC revision guide and resources for secondary students about gene technology, new technologies and a comparison of selective breeding and genetic modification.

Suggested level: secondary

Biotechnology Learning Hub

A huge range of biotechnology topics on this New Zealand website. It links “modern technology in New Zealand to the school curriculum” and is managed by the University of Waikato.

Suggested level: primary, intermediate, secondary

Biotechnology Institute

The Biotechnology Institute publishes back issues of the biannual magazine for students, Your World online. Each issue looks at how biotechnology is applied to a specific topic in health, the environment, agriculture or industry. The site also has a 'Biotechnology Timeline', which begins in 1663 with Hooke describing the first cells. 

Suggested level: intermediate, secondary

Centre for Genetics and Society

Articles and information around genetics and biotechnology, covering ethics and opinions on the latest developments. including stem cells and reproductive technologies.

Suggested level: secondary

DNA Learning Centre

Cold Spring Harbour, a private US research institution, has a large amount of information on genetics and genetic engineering. There is an interactive site, and a biology animation library  which includes animation of the polymerase chain reaction and gel electrophoresis. There is also a portal on Youtube with videos showing various techniques.

Suggested level: secondary


This thirteen page article covers aspects of in vitro fertilization (IVF) including the process, the risks, and other assisted reproduction technologies. This site is a consumer education site, providing general health information for the public. Has advertisements.

Suggested level: secondary

Learn. Genetics. Genetic Science Learning Centre

University of Utah education site for basic genetics and cell biology, evolution and ecology including astrobiology, genetic disorders and gene therapy.

Suggested level: secondary


To discover information about biotechnology, IVF, and genetically modified foods on the homework site ManyAnswers, use these search terms  in the search box.

Suggested level: intermediate, secondary


The following EPIC databases provide comprehensive up-to-date information and articles on biotechnology, IVF, genetically modified foods and bioethics: Science in Context, Opposing Viewpoints in Context, Health and Wellness Resource Centre, Global Issues in Context, Discovering Collection, Student Resources in Context, GreenR and General OneFile. School login (username and password) is required.

Suggested level: secondary

Have you thought about using fiction with your class to support your topic? The following are some suggestions for your students (and you!) to read and enjoy.

The house of the Scorpion, by Nancy Farmer (fiction series)
A Girl Called Fearless by  (fiction)

Bill Nye in ‘The eyes of Nye’ Genetically Modified Foods. Youtube. 24.58 mins

David Suzuki Documentary. What are Roundup Ready and Bt Pesticide GMO crops? Youtube. 46.12 mins