Getting the most out of EPIC e-resources

Introducing EPIC

EPIC (Electronic Purchasing In Collaboration) is a consortium of New Zealand library and information organisations that have joined together to buy collective access to a wide range of quality e-resources.

The Ministry of Education is a member of the EPIC consortium and subscribes annually to a range of EPIC e-resources, making them freely available to all New Zealand schools.

EPIC e-resources for educators and students

EPIC provides a gateway to thousands of e-resources for use at school and home by students and staff, covering a wide range of curriculum topics, from the Arts, Biographies, English, Geography, Health, History, Languages, Science, to current events and much more.

You’ll have access to a rich range of full-text magazines and newspapers, along with biographies, encyclopedia and other reference works, books and images, as well as sound and video clips. New Zealand content is also included. Many of the databases are updated daily.

Epic E-resources in 2016 (PDF 462KB) gives a full list and description of the Ministry of Education funded resources.

EPIC E-resources Guide (PDF 536KB)

Benefits for students

  • Articles are professionally curated, often peer-reviewed.
  • Enhanced access to quick fact-finding information and more in-depth coverage of topics, supports scaffolding of next steps in learning.
  • Students with accessibility issues, eg visual impairment, have articles made accessible in a number of ways, including being read aloud.
  • Provides 24/7 access to quality e-resources that students and teachers may otherwise not have at their disposal.

Benefits for educators, including school leaders

  • EPIC e-resources expand your library's collections and teacher resource room/departmental resources to meet a number of informational and professional reading needs across the curriculum.
  • You can access sample lesson plans and training resources, including interactive resources, videos, tip sheets, and scavenger hunt activities.
  • EPIC enhances the school’s e-learning environment with access to quality up-to-date digital content.
  • You'll have access to research articles on the education sector, modern learning environments (including school libraries) and learning and teaching programmes.
  • Included are online study guides and interactive lessons for finding, evaluating and reusing resources responsibly and safely (digital citizenship) to help enrich your staff professional learning programmes.
  • The Gale Cengage resources in EPIC integrate seamlessly with Google Classroom and Google Drive.

How to access and use EPIC e-resources

To access EPIC resources:

Further information

Read these resources:

For general enquiries, contact the New Zealand EPIC Manager at or phone Paula Banks on 04 474 3058.