AnyQuestions is a free online reference service for all New Zealand school students. The service is open Monday to Friday 1–6pm and is available for anyone with an internet enabled device - computer, tablet or smart phone. Our te reo Māori service,, is currently in abeyance.

The aim of AnyQuestions is to help students develop valuable information literacy skills and build their confidence. This is accomplished through a reference interview where an AnyQuestions librarian explores the question or topic with the student then works alongside them to guide them to appropriate online resources. The interaction with the student is through simple-to-use text based online chat. At the end of the session students can email a copy of the transcript to themselves so they have a record of the websites they visited.

Students can find answers to the most popular questions asked on AnyQuestions, from companion site ManyAnswers, Ngā Whakautu Maha.

A good way to introduce AnyQuestions to students is to book a class demonstration. In a class demonstration an entire class or group come on to AnyQuestions at an agreed time through a single computer, with one student or teacher ‘driving’ the computer with the transaction shown on a datashow - or something similar. The AnyQuestions librarian then works with the group to introduce AnyQuestions and concepts of information literacy and digital citizenship (for instance why you should trust the information at a government website like Te Ara, or how to find the ‘About Us’ or authorship of a website). Class demonstrations work best when they are related to the inquiry topic the students are studying at the time.

Class demonstrations can be booked for any time of the day, including outside the normal AnyQuestions operating hours (Monday to Friday 1–6pm). If you would like to book a class demonstration please use the Contact Us page on AnyQuestions.

Watch the video for more information.

The service receives funding from the Ministry of Education, is managed by the National Library of New Zealand, and staffed by friendly, police-vetted librarians from the National Library and public libraries around New Zealand. AnyQuestions has won several awards over the years. Most recently it was a finalist in the NetGuide Web Awards for Best Site for Students.