Primary Sources


Primary Sources — what are they?

What are primary sources? How are they special? Why use them in the classroom?

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More Primary Sources

More places to search for primary source material to use with primary sources in the classroom and library.

Using Primary Sources

A selection of web-based tools and applications you can use in the library or classroom when working with digital primary sources.

Educators' resources

Educators' guides, work sheets and other tools for the classroom or library.

More videos

David Colquhoun, curator of manuscripts at the Turnbull tells us about primary sources.

Primary Sources: What does the National Library of New Zealand collect?

Diane Woods is the Field librarian for the Alexander Turnbull Library of the National Library of New Zealand. She talks about some of the ways the library acquires new items for the collections from people here and overseas.

The National Library  collects the real stuff of history

Ronald Milne, Associate Chief Librarian - research collections at the Alexander Turnbull library reveals some of the library's fascinating primary sources.

Primary Sources: The National Library of New Zealand collects, preserves and makes them available

Amy Watling, from the Alexander Turnbull Library  talks about primary source materials and how researchers and others use these  to create new works.

Primary Sources - National Library NZ - People use primary sources to create new works

In my video ‘A Grand Mother’ I wanted to convey the feelings of pride and delight that my family felt when we discovered that our grandmother / great grandmother had signed the Suffrage Petition over 100 years ago.

A Grand Mother.wmv