Loan policy

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The Lending Services — Loan Policy covers the lending service that the National Library Services to Schools provides to schools and home educators.

What's in our loan policy

The policy covers the 4 components of our lending service:

  • whole-school loans
  • secondary school author/title loans
  • home educator loans
  • programme-specific loans.

It also provides an overview of the lending terms that apply to resources borrowed from the National Library, such as schools' loan allocations, our loan periods, and costs involved.

Lending Services — Loan Policy (PDF 217.45KB)

Loans to schools

New Zealand schools on the Ministry of Education schools list can borrow resources from our service. Schools must first register with the National Library to access the lending service, and loans are requested through a school’s nominated school loan coordinator(s).

School loans has more about our lending service for schools.

Loans to home educators

Home educators with an exemption certificate from the Ministry of Education (or a birth certificate for children who are 5 years old) are welcome to borrow resources for use by their students.

Home-educator loan requests has more about our lending service for home educators.

Programme-specific loans

Programme-specific loans provide loans with specific, high-interest resources to schools involved in targeted programmes.

Programme-specific loans are tailored and negotiated with these schools according to:

  • the agreed outcomes of the targeted programme in which the school is involved, or
  • the identified specific needs of the school community (e.g. schools affected by disasters, library being refurbished, etc).

The specific items issued, the number of these items and the length of time they are issued for are tailored and negotiated with the schools involved.

Lending Services — Loan Policy (PDF 217.45KB) has more information about programme-specific loans

217.45 KB