Home-educator loan requests

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Home educators (families who homeschool their students) can borrow books and resources from our collections to help develop their students' inquiry skills and encourage them to read.

Who can borrow

You can borrow books and resources from us for your students if:

  • the only child you're homeschooling is 5 years old, or
  • you have a current Certificate of Exemption from Enrolment at a Registered School from the Ministry of Education for students 6–18 years old.

Ministry of Education information about home education

What you can borrow

You can borrow a maximum of 21 items per family per term. Most of our loans come from our Schools Lending Collection. You can also ask for specific items from our collection called 'National Library Collections'.

National Library Catalogue — Search under 'Schools Lending Collection' or 'National Library Collections' (look for items listed with 'General Collection' in the Available at field).

We can send you:

  • fiction and non-fiction items
  • books, picture books, and graphic novels
  • Māori and Pasifika resources
  • DVDs, CDs, and other audiovisual items.

We may also be able to send you fiction and non-fiction audiobooks from our Print Disability Collection for children who can't use our print resources.

Print Disability Collection

How to borrow from us

  1. Register first — each calendar year you need to register with us before you can borrow our books and resources.
  2. Request a loan — by completing a Home educator loan request form and sending it to us.

Register for our service

Download and complete our registration form:

Home-educator registration form (Word 104.75KB)

Attach current copies of each student's:

  • Certificate of Exemption, or
  • birth certificate (5-year-old students only).

Request a loan

You can request a loan 4 times a year, to align with school terms.

To request a loan:

If you don't have access to a computer, contact Services to Schools:

  • North Island:  0800 356 000
  • South Island: 0800 928 000

Attach a Certificate of Exemption or birth certificate for any new student

Attach to the loan request form a copy of the Certificate of Exemption (or a birth certificate for a 5-year-old) for each new student you have started homeschooling since you registered with us.

How to complete the loan request form

There are 3 types of requests you can make for your loan:

  • inquiry — to help develop inquiry skills
  • reading engagement — to encourage reading for pleasure
  • individual item — specific resources you may want from our National Schools Collection or General Lending Collection.

Inquiry requests

Inquiry resources are a mixture of quality non-fiction books designed to provide inspiration, and avenues for exploring, research and reflecting.

You can select up to 4 learning area and strand options from the New Zealand Curriculum for your inquiry request. Tell us what your inquiry focus will be for each option and then give the reading age and year level you need for the resources. If you are not using the New Zealand Curriculum, select the learning area and strand that best suits your topic from the following table.

Our librarians will choose 2 books for each of your options, so you'll receive a maximum of 8 books in the inquiry part of your loan.

Curriculum learning area and strand Curriculum learning area and strand
Cross-curricular — the Arts Cross-curricular — Health & PE
The Arts — Dance Health & PE — Personal Health & Physical Development
The Arts — Drama Health & PE — Movements Concepts & Motor Concepts
The Arts — Music Health & PE — Relationships with Other People
The Arts — Visual Arts Health & PE — Healthy Communities & Environments
Cross-curricular — English Cross-curricular — Maths & Statistics
English — Listening, Reading, Viewing Maths & Statistics — Number and Algebra
English — Speaking, Writing, Presenting Maths & Statistics — Geometry and Measurement
Cross-curricular — Science Maths & Statistics — Statistics
Science — Living World Cross-curricular — Social Sciences
Science — Planet Earth & Beyond Social Sciences — Identity Culture and Organisation
Science — Physical World Social Sciences — Place and Environment
Science — Material World  Social Sciences — Continuity and Change
Cross-curricular — Technology Social Sciences — Economic World
Technology — Technological Practice  
Technology — Technological Knowledge  
Technology — Nature of Technology  

Reading engagement

Reading engagement resources are high-quality fiction and non-fiction items designed to support students in their reading for pleasure. We can tailor the resources we send you to meet a particular literacy focus (e.g. 'develop reading for pleasure').

You can select up to 4 reading engagement options. For each option, tell us the reading age, format, genre, year level and literary focus you require. Our librarians will choose 2 books for each of your options, so you'll receive a maximum of 8 books in the reading engagement part of your loan.

Formats you can specify
General   Fiction Poetry Early chapter books
Picture books Young-adult fiction Non-fiction Short stories
Sophisticated picture books Graphic novels Te reo  
Genres you can specify
General   Science fiction Humour Horror
Mystery Dystopia Biography Real life
Adventure Historical Autobiography Fairy tales
Romance Classics Myths and legends Fantasy

Individual items (author/titles)

You can select up to 5 individual items (author/titles) to be included in your loan. Use our search facility to find your items and the specific author/title information to enter in the loan request form. 

Search National Library collections

The 2 collections you can borrow from are called the 'Schools Lending Collection' and the 'National Library Collections'.

Items from the National Library Collections have the following conditions applied:

  • The loan period is 5 weeks.
  • We charge a replacement fee for lost books.
  • Items must be returned to the National Library in Wellington.

Returning items to the library

Please return all books by the due date to the appropriate centre.

  • Auckland:  8 Stanley Street, Auckland 1010
  • Christchurch:  Unit 7/150 Cavendish Road, Christchurch 1380
  • Wellington (General Lending Collection items only): Collection Delivery, National Library of New Zealand, Dockway 1, Aitken Street, Wellington 6011

Books can be returned by dropping off in person, or you can use a postal/courier service.