Libraries and learning category - School libraries

12 December 2016 | Author: Samuel Beyer

There's an increasing need for learners to develop digital literacy competence in the post-truth, fake news era, and school librarians can help.

22 November 2016 | Author: Jeannie Skinner

Amidst the wealth of online resources at our fingertips about children’s and YA books  —  favourite blogs, author websites, nerdy bookclubs, twitter streams and newspaper pages, there is still a place for structured, objective, comprehensive and reliable review journals.

09 November 2016 | Author: Cathy Kennedy

The issue of censorship and what we allow on our library shelves will be an on-going and difficult issue for many librarians and teachers.

30 September 2016 | Author: Jeannie Skinner

Last term, a group of keen, hard-working librarians and teachers took part in the National Library’s 5-week online course Raising readers: strengthening home school connections. 

06 September 2016 | Author: Cathy Peck

Students at school can expect their privacy will be respected. School librarians are often involved in situations where the privacy of student information may be an issue.