Libraries and learning category - Digital tools

12 December 2016 | Author: Samuel Beyer

There's an increasing need for learners to develop digital literacy competence in the post-truth, fake news era, and school librarians can help.

20 October 2016 | Author: Anne Morgan

ULearn 2016 was a fantastic opportunity to showcase new and refreshed Services to Schools services that provide digital gateways to rich resources supporting inquiry learning.

12 October 2016 | Author: Lisa Allcott

It’s often been said that there are six degrees of separation between one person and any other on the planet, may be even less now with so much technology and virtual experience available to us so readily.

26 July 2016 | Author: Cathy Peck

As more digital resources become available, we're all very aware of the need to promote them. There are many ways we can do this in the digital environment — Twitter, Facebook, blog, website — the list is endless. However, equally important is the promotion you do within your school library.

09 February 2016 | Author: Caroline Bouffard and Maxine Ramsay

Part 3 of the Creating a school library website series: Following careful evaluation, and after talking to others in her team Tami has decided to use WordPress as her chosen website building tool.