School libraries creating readers

From information on ‘Boys and reading’ to the value of reading aloud, or the requirements of NCEA English, we provide a rich range of support for your library’s role in inspiring and creating readers.


With wordplay, humour and fresh insights into the ordinary and extraordinary, children’s poetry captures emotions and confronts serious issues. Its licence introduces children to language, entertains and offers subversive delights.


Reading aloud to children is the best way to prepare children for learning to read and to keep them reading as they learn and grow. It’s fun - and worth continuing beyond the early years. Intermediate and secondary students also enjoy being read to!

Reading aloud

Reading aloud to students of all ages is a vital part of any good reading programme. Enjoyable and rewarding, it also stimulates their interest, imagination and language.

Young fiction

Young fiction spans the divide between picture books and novels. A critical stage in a child's reading development comes when they are ready to move on from picture books into more 'grown up' texts they can read for themselves.