Gather workshops: Building the Web

National Library Auckland Centre, 8 Stanley Street, Parnell

Whether you're a teacher of digital technologies, or are simply curious about the inner workings of the web, this workshop provides a fantastic starting point.

Designed for beginners with little or no prior programming experience, Building the Web focuses on the basics of CSS/HTML and provides foundational skills for advanced coding.

There is a focus on industry-standard practices and tips about how to identify ‘good’ code from ‘bad’ code when working with your students.

Attendees leave the workshop at the end of the day with a live one-page website published online.

Here is a bit more of what the workshop covers:

Foundations of the Web

How does the internet work, what are the mechanics of the internet, how do computers access the internet? All of these basic, yet oft ignored questions about the internet are answered.

Net neutrality

Now that we understand that the internet isn’t a cloud that everyone has free access to, but is instead a series of interconnected physical wires, it’s a good time to talk about the political, ethical and economic ramifications of this fact. What are the responsibilities of the people who own the networks?

Web standards

Learn about the different programming languages and ways that the internet is put together. How do programmers build websites in the real world? Who makes the rules?


After the introductory morning session, attendees are given the opportunity to build their first web page. Experience creative learning by playing and seeing the results in the browser. Follow the presenter in exploring additional HTML elements and CSS tricks, or play with the code at your own pace. This is the bulk of the day and is split into two main sections, ‘HTML’ and ‘CSS’.


- Familiarity with copying, renaming and moving files
- A Mac or Windows laptop with WiFi functionality
- Admin rights for laptop (ability to install new applications)
- Excitement about learning to code!

Cost and registration

Feeling keen? Make your workshop a 2-day experience with the Building with jQuery workshop.

Tanya Gray
Tanya has long been involved in the IT teaching space having worked with Codemania and ICT Connect. She has come on board, armed with her passion for teaching, as head presenter and has been key to identifying new opportunities for Gather Workshops.