Sail into Summer Reading Programme

The Sail into Summer Reading Programme was developed to help school staff address the 'summer slide'. The summer slide refers to the reading loss some students experience over the long summer break and the ongoing impact this can have on their academic achievement.

With a focus on creating engaged readers through reading for pleasure, the programme aims to:

  • provide strategies and support to schools to enable them to increase students' reading mileage over the summer break. This includes strengthening or creating new connections between schools, families/whānau, school libraries and public libraries.
  • encourage teachers and librarians to read for pleasure while increasing their knowledge of children’s and young adult (YA) fiction, in the process creating more effective reading role models.

The free workshops and book request service that make up the programme include:

  1. Keeping students reading over summer (available on request as a whole school workshop, or with a team from your school)
  2. Fabulous fiction for summer reading relaxation
  3. Summer reading, how did it go (offered to schools or teams who have participated in workshop 1)

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Workshop 1: Keeping students reading over summer

Keeping students reading over summer: taking an evidence-based approach, this workshop looks at practical strategies schools can use to engage students that:

  • involve families / whānau
  • maximise the role of the school library
  • involve liaison with the local public library
  • develop reading role models
  • engage students in reading over the summer break.

This workshop is available on request as a whole school workshop, or with a team from your school - enabling you to share, plan and implement collaboratively.

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“All our school teaching staff attended the Sail into Summer Reading

 workshop and heard the statistics and what schools can do to reduce

the slide. We then developed a school-wide plan to promote summer

reading and access to books over the holidays.”

Workshop 2: Fabulous fiction for summer reading relaxation

Great reading role models read for pleasure, so what better way to spend summer than reading a selection of hand-picked books from our extensive range of children’s and YA literature.

You can request a summer reading loan of children's and YA fiction and receive a selection of books based on your preferences.

“… I had a great time reading the books you sent me. I hope the scheme
continues next year as it is a great way to keep up with authors I have not
yet discovered and to experience genres I would not necessarily pick.”

Workshop 3: Summer reading - how did it go?

Held after the summer holidays in Term One, this workshop for participants of workshop 1 enables principals and staff to reflect on and share experiences of school initiatives - what worked and didn’t work, what you would do differently, and evidence gathered.

“More books have gone out of the library over summer than ever before;
more students are interested in the public library and what it can offer
over the summer; other students are asking their whānau what they can
read when they go to visit them in the cities; more students want to
reserve books for the beginning of next year; and BOYS are reading!”

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