Reading aloud to children prepares them for learning to read and keeps them reading as they learn and grow. It’s fun and also worth continuing for intermediate and secondary students. Choosing a read-aloud that you and your students will enjoy is crucial, so here are a few suggested resources.

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Read aloud recommendations and booklists
Read aloud bookmarks for download

Read aloud recommendations and booklists

Picture books and fiction are popular read-alouds. But also include material such as biographies / autobiographies, non-fiction, poetry, and newspaper and magazine articles in your selection.

Many public libraries will have read-aloud booklists, while journals of children's books will indicate recommended read-alouds in their reviews.

Share recommendations for great read-alouds with your library and teaching colleagues, either via listservs, or at network meetings, or through our online Communities.

The first two titles in the Readme bookmark series; Picturebook and Intermediate Read Alouds are available for download at the bottom of this page.

Visit the following sites for recommended read-alouds:

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Read-aloud bookmarks

The following bookmarks with read-aloud suggestions have been developed for you to download and enjoy.

Image: Mem Fox reading to children at Mosman Library, by Mosman library on Flickr