NCEA English - strategies for library and teacher collaboration

Collaboration and ongoing communication between library staff and English teachers are essential to ensure the best possible outcome for students and the school’s NCEA programme.

Some strategies to encourage collaboration


  • inviting library staff to an English department meeting to discuss NCEA approaches, resourcing and support
  • sharing student handouts with the library such as lists of AS / US being taught for the year.


  • sharing resources with teachers such as student borrowing records, theme lists, subject headings or keywords for classes to search
  • surveying English teachers around themes and resource requirements
  • placing NCEA reading labels on books.

Collaboration between teachers and librarians

  • working together to select appropriate titles for the different levels of AS / US. Individual schools and departments may have different ideas about what titles are acceptable.
  • identifying and bookmarking NCEA booklists from online sources, for example:
    LibraryThing NCEA List
    Golden Bay High School Wide Reading Wiki
    SLANZA reading site
  • discussing how the library management system can support the English programme. For example adding NCEA specific subject or keyword tagged words (theme or level) to the catalogue, or printing off students' borrowing records
  • collaborating with the teaching and assessment of AS 1.10 by:
    • forming a book club with students discussing and recommending books that they are reading for the AS
    • displaying written book reviews in the library in clear files for display or for inclusion in the library catalogue
    • organising author visits
    • organising student role plays around why the library should buy a certain book.
    • Setting up library blogs or wikis for the students' book responses.

Further reading

Image: Tumwater Library - Timberland Reads Together Edgar Allan Poe 2010 on Flickr