Libraries and Learning

24 October 2014 | Author: Andrew Cowie

ULearn first and foremost is a celebration of teaching and learning. It is meant to challenge, provoke, and support your practice in ways that are motivating and inspiring. Stepping out of your organisation and comfort zone for professional development is sometimes necessary for growth.

21 October 2014 | Author: Janet McFadden

If your school is appointing a new school librarian, or a new Teacher with Library Responsibility – or has made a recent appointment – we’re developing new online courses just for you.

21 October 2014 | Author: Maxine Ramsay

The maker education movement centres on providing spaces, resources, ideas, expertise, and inspiration to encourage students to tinker, hack, create, and innovate across curriculum areas.

14 October 2014 | Author: Indira Neville

School libraries have an important part to play in helping young people to develop multiple literacies.

09 September 2014 | Author: Gail Cochrane

At a recent National Library course on supporting priority learners, we discussed how picture books and fiction can be used by teachers and parents/whānau to combine the joy of reading with the joy of learning.