Libraries and Learning

02 December 2014 | Author: Alana Madgwick

At the end of the year as well as throughout, it is a time for contemplative reflection on the impact of our choices and deliberate actions to see whether we have made a difference or not in the work that we do, either in the classroom, as leaders of others, as a parent and/ or member of a community.

02 December 2014 | Author: Maxine Ramsay

The future of library services for and with teens is a comprehensive report, which makes interesting reading into the current trends and developments around library services for teens.

28 November 2014 | Author: Mary Skarott

At the end of the year most schools in New Zealand follow the long-standing tradition of holding a prize giving ceremony to recognise the achievements of their students.

25 November 2014 | Author: Wendy Macaskill

Thinking about trying a Blog to develop your school library's online presence?

18 November 2014 | Author: Maxine Ramsay

Lee Rainie, Director of the PEW Research Centre recently presented “The next library and the people who will use it” based on findings from the latest PEW research into libraries and their use.