Libraries and Learning

12 February 2015 | Author: Janice Rodrigues

Expect more: demanding better libraries for today’s complex world is a free e-book by David Lankes, author of The atlas of new librarianship.

10 February 2015 | Author: Gail Cochrane

If your library has an online presence, consider carrying out a stocktake / review of the types of resources available and evaluate the success in supporting student learning.

09 February 2015 | Author: Janet McFadden

A Contemporary conversation, the programme currently running at the National Library in Wellington, addresses the First World War and its ongoing impact on New Zealand.

09 February 2015 | Author: Janet McFadden

Our Professional Development Programme for 2015 includes courses on the First World War, Curating content for digital learners and School libraries supporting learning rewritten as an online course.

03 February 2015 | Author: Fuatino Leaupepe-Tuala

Late last year we ran a network meeting for Auckland Secondary Schools looking at the transition from secondary to tertiary.