Libraries and Learning

16 February 2016 | Author: Kate Potter

National Library's Wellington exhibition, Unfolding the map, explores the history of cartography in Aotearoa New Zealand. See some of the first maps of Aotearoa; watch a live-feed representation of wind movements in the Pacific; digitally zoom over the Central Plateau and the rugged Southern Alps.

15 February 2016 | Posted by Jorb

As school loan coordinators become familiar with the new online request form, we’ve identified some tips to help ensure you get a loan you are happy with. 

09 February 2016 | Author: Caroline Bouffard and Maxine Ramsay

Part 3 of the Creating a school library website series: Following careful evaluation, and after talking to others in her team Tami has decided to use WordPress as her chosen website building tool.

02 February 2016 | Author: Caroline Bouffard and Maxine Ramsay

After surveying students it has become clear that the library website will focus on providing access to curated resources, reputable databases, and informing students about new releases to encourage reading. Tami now moves onto choosing a website building tool.

28 January 2016 | Posted by Jorb

An exhibition now on at the National Library's Auckland Centre showcases examples of Chinese New Year pictures. Called Nianhua (年画) in Mandarin, they are an important form of folk art that has been very popular in China for many years.