Libraries and Learning

27 May 2014 | Author: Fuatino Leaupepe

It's Samoan Language Week from 25 -31 May and 2014's theme is Taofi mau i au measina - Hold fast to your treasures.

20 May 2014 | Author: Caroline Bouffard

Looking for a way to liven up your school library social media account? Try introducing a Throwback Thursday series of posts.

13 May 2014 | Author: Dylan Owen

On 5 August 1914 in Parliament grounds Lord Liverpool announced New Zealand’s support for Britain’s declaration of war on Germany.

08 May 2014 | Author: Fuatino Leaupepe

How do you connect students to the digital world when devices are thin on the ground?

06 May 2014 | Author: Marc van de Kamp

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