Libraries and Learning

24 February 2015 | Author: Glynis Shields

Five suggestions to better support indigenous knowledge in New Zealand school libraries.

17 February 2015 | Author: Maxine Ramsay

Annotexting is a process that involves the collection of thoughts, observations and reactions to reading, that show evidence of critical thought.

12 February 2015 | Author: Janice Rodrigues

Expect more: demanding better libraries for today’s complex world is a free e-book by David Lankes, author of The atlas of new librarianship.

10 February 2015 | Author: Gail Cochrane

If your library has an online presence, consider carrying out a stocktake / review of the types of resources available and evaluate the success in supporting student learning.

09 February 2015 | Author: Janet McFadden

A Contemporary conversation, the programme currently running at the National Library in Wellington, addresses the First World War and its ongoing impact on New Zealand.