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29 July 2014 | Author: Caroline Bouffard

This final post on social writing sites showcases the beautiful Storybird.

28 July 2014 | Author: Wendy Macaskill

New Zealanders heard and saw the news of the Canterbury earthquakes of 2010-11 in quite a different way from how they heard news about of the Napier earthquake in 1931.

25 July 2014 | Author: Dr Philip Calvert

Take part in research exploring factors that might enable a secondary school librarian to become a technology leader in their school, or prevent them from becoming so.

24 July 2014 | Author: Maxine Ramsay

Well known digital novelist Kate Pullinger, who created Inanimate Alice, is currently involved with the UK website Letter to an unknown soldier.

22 July 2014 | Author: Maxine Ramsay

Helping teachers and students discover and connect with STEM through your library collection.