Libraries and Learning

15 October 2013 | Author: Jeannie S

Schools collaborate with their local public library to create an event acknowledging and celebrating their student librarians who have completed their Gold level training.

08 October 2013 | Author: Glenda F

When it comes to professional learning, there is a wealth of free information available online.

27 September 2013 | Author: Andrew Cowie

As the ubiquity and convenience of always being connected grows, so does a ‘phantom limb’ with  technology. When we are without it, we can feel a strange sense that we are not quite whole.

24 September 2013 | Author: Mereana T

The Auckland Heritage Festival kicks off on the 28th of September to celebrate and showcase the rich heritage of the Auckland Region.

19 September 2013 | Author: Jo B

Check out this visual portrait of The Social Librarian.