Libraries and Learning

13 August 2013 | Author: JanetMcF

Matthew Lynch looks at emerging trends we need to draw on as modern library environments provide new and innovative ways to engage students and become integral to their learning.

08 August 2013 | Posted by Jorb

TouchCast is a video creation platform that allows you to integrate an array of other web content.

06 August 2013 | Author: Andrew Cowie

The flood of technology into our world has had a tremendous impact on how we interact, work, play, and learn. Perhaps the most significant and far-reaching, are the possibilities this has afforded to schools and learning communities.

01 August 2013 | Author: Peter Murgatroyd

Hana O’Regan explores identity in an educational context.

30 July 2013 | Posted by Jorb

How do you support your learning community?