14 December 2015 | Posted by Jorb

The GIF IT UP 2015 challenge winners have been announced.

01 December 2015 | Author: Gail Cochrane

If your school library is about to be repainted, what colours would you choose that would appeal to your students as being a welcoming, stimulating and exciting place?

24 November 2015 | Author: Janet McFadden

Building on, and updating the collated research from the 2008 edition, this 2016 edition highlights findings from 30 separate research studies at national and state level in the US that have taken place since 2008. These show that school libraries continue to be a powerful force supporting student learning across schools of all levels.

17 November 2015 | Author: Jeannie Skinner

Whangarei Libraries, school libraries and National Library's Services to Schools collaborate to acknowledge the Whangarei district’s “golden student librarians”.

10 November 2015 | Author: Caroline Bouffard

Anyone looking for an easy way to create impressive images should check out Canva. It’s a free online graphic design tool that turns newbies into experts in no time.