09 December 2014 | Author: Fuatino Leaupepe-Tuala

What the National Library has taught me that I wish I’d known when I was teaching!

02 December 2014 | Author: Alana Madgwick

At the end of the year as well as throughout, it is a time for contemplative reflection on the impact of our choices and deliberate actions to see whether we have made a difference or not in the work that we do, either in the classroom, as leaders of others, as a parent and/ or member of a community.

02 December 2014 | Author: Maxine Ramsay

The future of library services for and with teens is a comprehensive report, which makes interesting reading into the current trends and developments around library services for teens.

28 November 2014 | Author: Mary Skarott

At the end of the year most schools in New Zealand follow the long-standing tradition of holding a prize giving ceremony to recognise the achievements of their students.

25 November 2014 | Author: Wendy Macaskill

Thinking about trying a Blog to develop your school library's online presence?