Safer Internet Day – a kick start for digital citizenship in 2017

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Safer Internet Day is 7 February 2017. With the theme of ‘Be the change: Unite for a better internet’ the focus is on making the internet a safer and better place for all, especially young people.

As we begin the school year, highlighting Safer Internet Day is a great way to introduce or reinforce digital citizenship with your students. There is an array of information available to recognise the day itself, and promote the changes needed for a safer internet throughout the year:

  • Safer Internet Day – the ‘official’ website for Safer Internet Day, including a range of useful resources to use in the classroom
    • follow the Twitter feed or Facebook page to see what is happening globally and locally
  • Netsafe – has published a really useful quick guide for staying safe online
  • Digital citizenship in schools – our information and guides for developing digital citizenship in schools.

Considering its importance, it is beneficial to focus on developing and embedding the skills, values and behaviours of digital citizenship in the mindset of students and school staff right from the start of the school year. Actively engaging with Safer Internet Day is a great way to bring this into focus, and contribute to a better internet for all.

Image: Untitled, by Gerd Altmann, CC0 public domain