Libraries and Learning

13 October 2015 | Author: Janet McFadden

According to accounts from the US and UK, eBook sales are falling, and print sales rising. Two leading newspapers - the New York Times and The Guardian (UK) - are reporting on declining ebook sales, and rising sales of physical books.

22 September 2015 | Author: Janet McFadden

How does your library measure up? Are we behind or ahead in an international context? IFLA's 2nd edition of its School library guidelines, released June 2015, draws on contributions from a wide international library community.

17 September 2015 | Author: Janet McFadden

Media reports aired on 16 September stated that the latest PISA report from the OECD showed that “frequent use of computers in schools was more likely to be associated with lower results.” What was your first reaction on hearing this news report?

14 September 2015 | Author: Thomasin Sleigh

Animated GIFs, the darlings of ‘90s web design, are making a comeback, and so is the GIF IT UP challenge. GIF IT UP calls for the best animated GIFs created from copyright-free videos, images, and other material. Some great prizes are up for grabs.

08 September 2015 | Author: Gail Cochrane

What a great idea - weeded books turned into works of art!  When visiting Te Puke Intermediate School, I spotted sculptured paper crafts decorating the library’s interior.