Encyclopedia Britannica Online- Get it Free!

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Encyclopaedia Britannica Online is a good place for students to get an overview of their topic at the beginning of an inquiry. Instead of searching through masses of websites, students can find reliable, up to date information at Encyclopaedia Britannica Online.  Younger students can search a simpler version with reading levels suitable for primary and intermediate ages. The Britannica interface is similar to a website with search and graphical browsing options.  

EPIC provides Britannica as well as many more quality, reliable resources on a vast range of subjects. Students can search e-Resources containing thousands of international and New Zealand magazines, newspapers, biographies, and up to date articles on art, music, books and authors, current affairs, global issues, science, history, health and more. Information is attractively presented with text, interactive maps, timelines, photos, video, and pictures. 

For teachers, EPIC includes Educators Reference Complete which contains great content for professional development.

So, how do you get Britannica and the other resources for free?  The Ministry of Education pays for your school’s subscription. All you need is your school’s password.  Contact the TKI Administrator  if you don’t have it.  Students and teachers may all use the school’s password for EPIC at school or home.

For further information and training materials, the EPIC website has guided tutorials, fact sheets, and videos to help students and teachers.  Go explore this rich resource and share it with colleagues and students!