N4L- What's it all about

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by Jan

Helen Robinson, Chair of The Network for Learning recently launched the N4L website. The Network for Learning will be an online network for schools, which will run over the ultra-fast broadband infrastructure currently being rolled out across New Zealand.  Available progressively from 2013, the N4L will provide schools with affordable, safe, ultra-fast internet access and a range of online content and centrally-procured services. It will also provide a source of professional development for teachers - either through the development of their own Personal Learning Networks, or through participation in online courses and events.

The new website sets out N4L‘s immediate focus - delivering what schools need in terms of connectivity and on-line services and eliminating the hassles schools might experience around ICT service procurement and administration. It also lays out the future, where N4L will facilitate and enable effectiveness around the continuing integration of ICT into teaching and learning. This will make it easier for teachers to put technology tools into the hands of students,  allowing them to more easily take charge of their own learning. 

Although in its formative stages, the Network for Learning's overall objective is to make a significant contribution to improving educational outcomes with a vision of "unleashing learner potential", and plans services that will be collaborative, interactive and transformative.

Helen Robinson encourages people to visit the website (your school could win an IPad2) and welcomes your feedback on what services the company could provide and what content would be useful. "We're excited to begin the two way conversation, and then move to provide services to help engage learners" she said.

The  N4L will impact on school libraries. What library related content and services would you like to see there? Library people need to participate in the conversations about  the Network for Learning to make sure that our students can access all the potential benefits this network will enable.