What is a library? It is a place to connect and create

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In this article from the Huffington Post, the role of libraries is explored – especially public libraries – as places that can do far more for their communities than provide free access to books. Not only are libraries able to foster lifelong learning and creativity, but they can also provide space to incubate the arts.

There’s a rich range of possibilities – as performance space, gallery, hosting space for a writer, poet, or artist (the State Library of Queensland in Brisbane hosted British artist Stephen Wiltshire while he drew a panorama of the city earlier in December 2011). While many libraries might not have the space for some of these activities, most libraries would be able to connect their community to the arts in some way.

Thinking about school libraries, many secondary schools already display artworks done by their students, and libraries in schools at every level are often the venue for visiting writers.  Are there ways your school library can connect not only with the arts scene in your school – but with the arts in your wider community? 

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