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By Maxine

To add another dimension to the blogging world have you ever considered Quadblogging?

This is a great idea originating from David Mitchell a school teacher from Bolton who wanted to increase the interactivity on his students’ classroom blog and engage the children more in writing with a specific audience in mind.

Choosing a group of four classroom blogs each takes a turn at being the focus blog for a week with the other three visiting and commenting on content and posts. The spike in readership for the focus blog encourages students to continue their blogging efforts and has resulted in ongoing interest and further collaboration with new found blog buddies. Quads can include schools from anywhere in the world particularly now with over 1,000 classrooms from 27 countries participating.

The Quadblogging concept has gained momentum with the support of many including Michael Rosen who has promoted Quadblogging through his blog.

And the recently formed Quadblogging Facebook page set up specifically to promote this practice and to spread the word.

How could you use this idea to extend your library blog audience and interaction?

What a great opportunity for your student librarians to take the lead and engaging with other students globally.