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Spider scribe

SpiderScribe is a stunning mind mapping application that is easy and fun to use. Maps can be created individually or collaboratively and they are quickly shared through email or a unique link.

What impressed me about SpiderScribe is that your mind maps can include much more than just text. You can put entire files (Word documents, PDF files, etc.) into a ‘bubble’ and open them with one click. You can also insert Google maps, images, calendar events and text. The click and drag system makes it simple to insert and connect elements, and you are able to easily edit each entry, so resizing images and formatting text is not a problem. If you type in a link it is automatically live and the website is only a click away.

I also appreciated how easy it is to share maps. You can invite people to view a map through email or a unique link and choose whether you want them to be readers or editors. This makes SpiderScribe a fantastic tool for students to use in group work because any member can access the project from any computer at any time. All they need is a web browser. Students could also create maps as a way to present information and then send their teacher a viewing invitation. Teachers could mark and comment on the map itself: no more dragging paper assignments in and out of the classroom!

SpiderScribe is free and it only takes a moment to sign up.

Go for a product tour and then give it a try!

Do you use digital mind mapping tools? What do you think of SpiderScribe?

image by Sylvia Currie