Mobile Access to EBSCO through EPIC

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Links have now been added to EPIC to enable schools to access the EBSCO mobile interface when accessing EPIC from mobile devices. All the EPIC resources can be accessed via mobile devices, however, EBSCO are the first to provide an interface specifically for mobile devices.

All you need to do is go to EPIC using a mobile device and login with your school username and password. You will find a link to the EBSCO mobile interface listed under EBSCO.


Alternatively, once you have logged in to EPIC, you can also click on the Databases link in the top left hand corner where there are direct links to the mobile versions of the two EBSCO databases available through EPIC - Australia/New Zealand Reference Centre and MasterFile Premier.

Once you have accessed either of the databases there are also instructions on how to download the free iPhone and iPod Touch applications.

EBSCO have also put together tutorials on using the EBSCO mobile interface – either in Powerpoint or Flash video as well as a customisable poster (PDF) to promote the service.

And finally, just to remind you all about the wealth of information you can access through the ESBCO resources in EPIC (including most of the major daily New Zealand newspapers, Time Magazine, New Scientist, Library Journal, National Geographic, History Today and much, much more) – here are links to information sheets about both of the products – including coverage lists and promotional links:

EBSCO - Australia/New Zealand Reference Centre
EBSCO - MasterFile Premier

Paula Banks