Libraries and Learning

25 July 2014 | Author: Dr Philip Calvert

Take part in research exploring factors that might enable a secondary school librarian to become a technology leader in their school, or prevent them from becoming so.

24 July 2014 | Author: Maxine Ramsay

Well known digital novelist Kate Pullinger, who created Inanimate Alice, is currently involved with the UK website Letter to an unknown soldier.

22 July 2014 | Author: Maxine Ramsay

Helping teachers and students discover and connect with STEM through your library collection.

01 July 2014 | Author: Maxine Ramsay

The profile of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) has increased significantly in recent years with the promotion of STEM education projects. How can the school library contribute to this aspect of students’ learning?

24 June 2014 | Author: Caroline Bouffard

Social writing site Figment is a marvellous site with particularly useful resources for educators.