Create Readers

16 September 2016 | Author: Jo Buchan

Open a World of Possible is Scholastic's wonderful website about reading and is packed with resources, research and stories.

08 September 2016 | Author: Jeannie Skinner

It’s a bit late in the day to be drawing your attention to this in case you haven’t seen it already, but today, 8 September, is the 50 anniversary of International Literacy Day with the theme “Reading the past, Writing the future”.

25 August 2016 | Author: Jo Buchan

Last week Auckland hosted the 35th IBBY International Congress. The theme of the 4 day event, Literature in a Multi-literate World, gave the 500 or so delegates from over 60 countries the chance to discuss and reflect on what it means to be literate.

11 August 2016 | Author: Caroline Bouffard

Strong home-school partnerships play an important role in fostering literacy and encouraging students to read for pleasure. These relationships can be challenging to build at times, and often the families who need the most support are the hardest to connect with.

28 July 2016 | Author: Rose Laing

Earlier this year, the National Library implemented its new lending service aimed at increasing its reach and impact, ensuring its sustainability and enabling the system-wide improvement of library services for young people. The service focuses on inspiring inquiry and developing reading engagement in students.