18 December 2013 | Author: Karen

What would happen if I kept my Siamese cat in the fridge?

17 December 2013 | Author: Cecily Fisher

The term ‘Sophisticated Picture Book’ is as broad and complex as the genre itself, and there really needs to be a new term for the senior level of this genre, one that leaves out the words ‘picture book’ altogether.

16 December 2013 | Author: David

This simple and clear book provides  worthwhile advice to those being subjected to a range of cyber bullying.

12 December 2013 | Author: Janice Rodrigues

Seventeen- to eighteen-year-olds and above have a new selection of authors writing specifically for them.

11 December 2013 | Author: Karen

Summer’s coming and it's time to go camping. But what clothes will you wear and why?