Two Little Bugs by Mark Sommerset & Rowan Sommerset

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Two little bugsThe authors of award-winning Baa baa smart sheep, the Sommerset team of author Mark and illustrator Rowan, have released another high quality hardback picture book with some innovative features.

Told in rhyme, this simple tale shows Little Bug Red – sitting and chomping happily on top of a leaf – and Little Bug Blue in the cold and dark of the underside of the leaf, wishing he could be brave enough to view the world from the other side, but not quite courageous enough to take those first steps.

As the resolution arrives, and the world awaits discovery by two little bugs who fly away, the pages themselves are cut to show the munched leaves – with holes and edges artfully shaped, a technique sure to appeal to young readers.

I would have liked the story to be fleshed out more fully before the two little bugs flew away. The illustrations show Little Bug Red emerging from a chrysalis – having very quickly changed to a butterfly – which isn’t mentioned in the text. Little Bug Blue who hasn’t eaten anything sees the sun and is still a bug when the two fly off.

There’s potential for this book to be used in the classroom as a creative writing exercise, with the children filling in this gap in the story. Maybe the bugs enjoyed eating leaves together, developing their friendship, and both pupating and emerging as butterflies?

Having tested it out with a three-year-old, who wanted it read again immediately, I can say it was enjoyed by this young reader. See what you think – and send us your comments!

review by Janet