Too Small to Fail by Morris Gleitzman

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MoneyOliver is fixated on communicating with a small dog via the pet shop window. As usual with Gleitzman beginnings are a prelude to a trail of complicated situations combined with a healthy dose of humour. Oliver can't understand his parent’s reluctance as bankers to personally compensate the personal loss suffered by his new found friends as a consequence of US financial crisis. So he hatches a brilliant plan that will address all his concerns, and most importantly, rescue his dog from a certain death. His friends will have a new start, his parents will suddenly realise the error of their ways and that materialism is not the answer to everything. But things don’t always go to plan…

Oliver yearns for the simple life; the companionship of his dog and the friendship of his parents, but money has tainted it all, or the desire for more regardless of the personal cost to others. For a personal insight into the world’s financial crisis and the true value of friendship and love you can’t go wrong with this excellent heart-warming and funny read. Suitable for Y4-6.

review by John

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