Invisible I: Book One of The Amanda Project by Melissa Kantor

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Callie, Nia and Hal don’t appear to have much in common. Callie is a member of the I-Girls, a group of popular trendsetters, while Hal is a quiet artist and Nia is known as the biggest freak in ninth grade. When the three of them are summoned to the vice-principal’s office they have no idea what he wants and no intention of becoming friends.

But they do share something in common: a tie to the mysterious and charismatic Amanda Valentino, who has disappeared after vandalising the vice-principal’s car and implicating Callie, Nia and Hal in her crime. Amanda’s cryptic clues raises more questions than answers: why did she give each of them a different background story and address? Where has she gone?

INVISIBLE I is a great mystery characters are well-drawn and there’s enough subplots boiling away to keep any reader (me!) up far too late at night. But the really special part of The Amanda Project is that it goes far beyond the book and into brand new territory: it is an interactive print and web-based event.

The website gives readers the chance to create their own Invisible I character. They can become Amanda’s friend, her Maths teacher or the girl who sat behind her in English and they interact with other characters to try and solve the mystery. Callie, Nia and Hal all post regular clues and updates as prompts and, best of all, readers’ characters and stories will be incorporated into future books (an eight book series is planned).

What an exciting way for students to interact with a book they love by creating and publishing their own stories, songs, poems and art work. The website also includes a kit for teachers and librarians to download with discussion questions and activities. Do check it out!

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