The technology of packaging

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Packaging by Lynn Huggins-Cooper Published by A & C Black, London. 2007

I have been looking to buy a book about the technology of packaging for the last 18 months, so I was delighted when I came across this one. I think it was a really great find, and really useful for around years 4 to 6.

The layout of the book is eye catching and inviting. The pages have different coloured borders, or different coloured backgrounds. There are colourful pictures on every page that illustrate the text well. An interesting feature are the Try it out! sections that suggest activities about designing and making, and investigating different packaging types. As well as giving examples of many different types of packaging, the book covers the definition of packaging, the history, purposes, recycling, and has a glossary and index.

One very minor point in an otherwise excellent resource, the list of books and websites were disappointing. They are about recycling or technology generally rather than packaging, and the book publication dates were not particularly recent. I had trouble opening or locating information on four of the six websites listed.

It is one in the D & T Workshop series of four books . The other titles are Sandwiches, Stable Structures, and Moving Monsters. A very useful series.

Reviewed by Heather