Draft Integrated Services Model

We have published a DRAFT Integrated Services Model to act as a blueprint as we develop, test and refine our services to schools. 

Central to our service offering are four integrated services:

  • the lending service
  • the digital content service
  • the capability building service, and
  • the system support service. 

Within these services, we have identified 26 interrelated service components and outlined the features of each of these.

The document will be a working draft through until the end of 2017 as we work with our customers to shape and refine these services.  

We have already begun the prototype development process by workshopping some of the key components and changes with schools and have started the process of gathering feedback from leaders and expert practitioners in the education, library and digital development fields.

Through to the end of 2017, we will continue developing, testing and refining prototype services based upon the model.

If you have any feedback please email us at ​servicestoschools@dia.govt.nz.

You can view and download a copy of the model here.


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