In our latest Primary source gallery you can view a range of primary sources relating to New Zealand occupation of Western Samoa during and immediately after the First World War.

Animal classification separates the millions of species of animals into groups or classes of animals based on similar body structures. The main classes include; mammals, insects, amphibians, reptiles, birds and fish.

Network For Learning connected schools are now able to directly access EPIC from within their schools without logging in through TKI.

Our online First World War resource guide gives you access to websites, and resources covering WW1 and WW100 commemorations in New Zealand.

The Leading Edge exhibition and accompanying schools programme looks at New Zealand, both past and present through the lens of innovation.



24 September 2014

Open a world of possible: real stories about the joy and power of reading is an inspirational book that gets to the heart of reading.

09 September 2014

At a recent National Library course on supporting priority learners, we discussed how picture books and fiction can be used by teachers and parents/whānau to combine the joy of reading with the joy of learning.