The National Library is transforming its Services to Schools in response to library and education directions. National Librarian Bill Macnaught is now inviting schools to join us in a service design project.

The Ministry of Education has again subscribed to a range of quality e-resources as part of the EPIC consortium for the new subscription year (1 April 2015 – 31 March 2016) to make them available FREE to all New Zealand School staff and students. They have also increased the subscription to include the New Zealand Geographic Archive....

These online resources have been selected to support the popular earth science topic - earthquakes. Earthquakes are a daily occurrence in New Zealand because of our country’s location on the boundary of two tectonic plates. Scientists study fault lines that run the length of the country and measure seismic waves created by earthquakes. SCIS...

First World War inquiry guides (English medium) and resource packs (Māori medium) for teachers of years 1-13 are now available on the First World War Inquiry Guides and Resources website.

This guide provides guidelines for schools at all levels on the selection, training and management of student librarians, sometimes also known as library monitors.



07 May 2015

Young children and their parents are flocking to the Early Literacy Library in Jurong, Singapore. Plush toys, costumes for kids to dress up in and puzzles mounted on the walls complement the library's collection of more than 60,000 books.

05 May 2015

On a recent trip to Melbourne I visited a couple of wonderful libraries, and would highly recommend the experience. In my last post I mentioned the State Library of Victoria. This post is about Library at the Dock , Melbourne public library’s newest branch.