This page outlines the steps a school loan coordinator needs to take to request a whole-school or secondary school author/title loan from the National Library.

Kaiapoi High School is having a big year this year with a school rebuild and with a shift to a purpose-built Innovative Learning Environment (ILE).

The school loans toolkit includes information to help your school order books and other resources from National Library.

Spring is the season for growing things, new life and new beginnings. In New Zealand this season officially spans from September to November.  SCIS 1674378

One of the most powerful ways to create readers is by being a reading role model for your students, and what a great excuse to relax with a good book!

Festivals, celebrations, holidays, special occasions around the world - we've selected these online resources to support this popular topic. SCIS 1525132



16 September 2016

Open a World of Possible is Scholastic's wonderful website about reading and is packed with resources, research and stories.

20 September 2016

On 14 September Bayfield School in Auckland hosted a panel talk and tour on Engaging Parents in the Journey of Educational Change, in particular the move to Innovative Learning Environments (ILE).