Animated GIFs, the darlings of ‘90s web design, are making a comeback, and so is the GIF IT UP challenge. GIF IT UP calls for the best animated GIFs created from copyright-free videos, images, and other material. Some great prizes are up for grabs.

The National Library is transforming the way it supports schools. We want to increase the reach and impact of our services, ensuring their sustainability and enabling the system-wide improvement of library services for young people.

Call for Presentations extended to 17 October 2015! In August 2016, New Zealand IBBY is hosting the 35th IBBY International Congress to celebrate the multiplicity of language, literacy and literature in the world today.

First World War inquiry guides (English medium) and resource packs (Māori medium) for teachers of years 1-13 are now available.

We have selected these online resources to support you when you need information relating to the Kermadec Islands. Includes biodiversity, discoveries, history, submarine volcanoes, artists and environment groups. SCIS 1555444

The Rugby World Cup has been played every 4 years since 1987. The 2015 Rugby World Cup, set to play in England and Wales, will be the 8th competition in the tournaments history. The following links provide a range of resources that explore the 2015 Rugby World Cup.



07 October 2015

I’d like rhinoceros feet please.

22 September 2015

How does your library measure up? Are we behind or ahead in an international context? IFLA's 2nd edition of its School library guidelines, released June 2015, draws on contributions from a wide international library community.

Services to Schools Transformation Programme

National Library is changing the services it provides to schools from 2016.

Read more about the Services to Schools Transformation.